General Terms and Conditions

1. Common

Everybody has the possibility to create an own homepage at The use and the creation of homepages is only allowed as quoted in the German law. Sites which contravene against the applicable law and which appeal to hate and violence, breach personal rights or have an erotic or pornographic content are NOT allowed. The author of the site is responsible its content.
Homepages which are registered under a wrong address wont get activated as well as they will be deleted immerdiately during the contract duration.

2. Duration of Membership

The membership can be abrogated from both sides and at anytime without giving reasons. Therefore the member has the button "abrogate contract" in his admin area under "attainment". The operator of has the right to delete the homepage of a member without giving reasons.


We finance our gratis offers via banner ads. As long as this service is used, we can grand you to keep this offer as it is.
We won't display any erotical commercials!

4.Availability does not guarantee the availability of your homepage and is not responsible for lost profits etc.

5. Help/Support

If you have any questions or problems, you will find some help in the forum under

6. Use is a service only for your own homepage. It is not allowed to use information, which are stored at our webserver, for other sites than our. Particularly it is neccessary to advise you of the misuse of webspace for auctions on eBay or Bannerhosting. This kind of homepages will be erased immediatly and you will have to pay for the generated traffic.

7. Charges

Your homepage is free of charge with guarantee! No traps, no racket!
If you express a explicit desire you can make your homepage free of ads for low costs. Here you can find an overview: Range of homepages

General Terms and Conditions for domain name registration

You confirm that through the domain registration the rights of third parties will not be violated. Your domain name should not contain names, firm or brands or any similar description. As a customer you verify that you are the only one who is responsible for the domain name registration and that you will pay for possible claims for compensation. You will not be able to enforce these claims against

In accepting our general terms and conditions you confirm that the domain name is only used for your homepage at If you want to reach an other goal with your domain in future, the domain will be moved to an other provider. provides domains only for the use of a homepage at The prices for a domain registration are in evidence at the registration for the particular domain end. There will be no further charges e.g. for deletion of the domain or a registration fee.

By placing an order for domain name registration you accept that we convey the information needed for the registration to the appropriate Nic.

Otherwise the guidelines of the appropriate Nic apply. On de domains it is the Denic cooperative (